Friday, February 10, 2012

Knit, Play with Dogs, Repeat...

Happy Friday!  It's 45 degrees out, I have a couple windows open trying to get rid of the germs in the house and we have snow on the way... gotta love New England! 

We have a cute little house guest coming tomorrow and her name is Addison.  The rescue has this "A" liter listed as rat terrier / dachshund mixes and they are oh-so-cute!  Little Miss Addison has already been adopted, however her family is away until later this week... which means we have the pleasure of her puppy breath for a few days!

It's Fiber Arts Friday and although in theory, I currently have more knitting time on my hands, my needles haven't exactly been on fire.  However, I do have a couple of FO's to show off. 

JennHat_212 KatHat_212

I used my basic go-to hat pattern for both hats, which were birthday presents.  The pink alpaca blend on the left went to my sister and the multi-color wool blend on the right to a dear friend.  Happy Birthday Ladies... keep those noodles of yours warm! 

I do have several WIPs going right now, so hopefully you'll be seeing some more FAF entries in the coming weeks.  And on that note, I hope to get some knitting time in later today and will leave you with a little Friday Fill-Ins...

1. When it comes time to make a decision, I like to make an informed one.

2. "Don't borrow trouble," that must be the new rule - thanks Chan!

3. Ma says, "give 'em hell".

4. Peanut butter and chocolate at the same time is my little slice of heaven. 

5. I never saw any of the Harry Potter movies.

6. Knitting is not a new invention by any means, but it's always fun when your hobby is a current trend.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a new episode of Fringe... it's getting quite interesting again, tomorrow my plans include picking up Addison and Sunday, I want to knit, play with the dogs, repeat!


SissySees said...

Addison is absolutely precious! Smoooch her for me, several times.

MamaRabia said...

What a cute puppy!! And I can't believe you've never seen a Harry Potter movie!! My hubby and I have been obsessed with the books and the movies. Definite Potter-files here! Have a great weekend!

Sue said...

Oh, she is so cute. Have a fun weekend snuggling and sniffing puppy breath.

Marjie said...

Addison is adorable, and I'm sure the birthday girls loved their hats. Have fun with your weekend visitor, and enjoy the warm-ish air while it lasts (but this has been a grand winter heating-bill-wise, hasn't it?)!

WonderWhyGal said...

Aw, Addison is a doll. I'm glad that she found a loving home and lucky you to enjoy cute puppy breath for a few days.

I love having a go-to hat pattern perfect for gifts. Especially one that looks great in various yarns.

Karla Lee said...

agree with #2!

my Friday Fill-ins is here :)

Bubblesknits said...

Oh my goodness....Addison is a doll! Give her some belly scritches for me!

Unknown said...

Love the rolled brims. Really nice Addison is beyond cute and I've only seen half of the first Harry Potter movie.

AllyB said...

What an adorable pup! Those are great pics Nichole. Nice hats too. I've only seen the first Harry Potter so you're not alone. Have a great week.

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