Friday, August 10, 2012

Too Much Yarn? Boo!

TGIF... and Happy Fiber Arts Friday!  It was another slow week of knitting here.  The temps were up and the humidity was absurd.  Instead of sitting down in front of a fan to knit with a tall glass of iced tea, I opted to do some, uh... shall we say, stash organizing.  Although I only tackled a very teeny tiny part of my stash... that part that, um, might have been taking over our living room.  During said organization, I learned a few things...

I have far too many WIP's / UFO's.  This is just a sampling of current project bags (note most of the larger project bags are off to the left, out of camera range).  I even found some projects that I don't even recall casting on.  I think someone snuck into my house and planted them there just to mess with me.  I did recall my cast-on-a-beautiful-lace-shawl-with-gorgeous-hand-dyed-yarn stage.... and promptly frogged three of those.

Just a fraction of my WIP bags... I have a problem! #knitting #knit #yarn #yarnbowl #wip #getyourkniton

I have a lot of projects waiting in line for my time.  Here's a small sampling ("small sampling" seems to be my go-to phrase this week)... all organized in plastic bags, ready to go. There's a beautiful pair of gloves, a couple shawls, a baby blanket, a shrug, a felted tote bag... just waiting for me. 

A fraction of projects waiting to be cast on... #knitting #yarn #knit #getyourkniton #crafting #craftsupplies

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?  If a knitter utters those five crazy words "I have too much yarn," and no one is around to hear it, can she deny she ever said it?  This is some yarn that I've determined I can part with and will be putting it on ebay and/or yardsellr next week.  Three sweaters worth, some sock yarn, etc. 

And some #yarn to #destash soon on ebay/yardsellar #knit #crafting #craftsupplies #create #knitting #getyourkniton

I reorganized by three 3-drawer rolling bins which hold mostly sock yarn, hand-dyed yarn,  nice alpacas, lace weight, and various single skeins.  Mind you, this is only those skeins that didn't make it into my closet storage (on the right below).  We won't even begin to discuss that... one can only guess what's in there!

TINY fraction of my #sockyarn #stash #yarn #craftsupplies #crafting #knitting #knit #getyourkniton #organizing Untitled

"I knit so that I don't hurt people" are words to live by, and of course, I knit to make handmade gifts for my loved ones.  I really do need to get back to knitting more.  Obviously I have a lot of projects to make.  At least I can tote those projects around in style, as I managed to scoop up one of the coveted LJ Kaelms bags in Deep Taupe during Jordana Paige's "Purses for Preeclampsia" fundraiser!  I'd been eyeing this bag for some time, but could not justify the cost.  With the fundraiser, not only did I snag it at nearly half price, but was able to help out a wonderful cause at the same time!  Sure, it's an "imperfect" bag, but the flaws are minimal... the key loop snap is broken (and more than likely fixable, though I don't know if I'll pursue that or not) and the removable pouch was missing (also easily fixable, even if it's a different color).  Isn't she gorgeous?


Speaking of fabulous bags, I just received a Small Cafe Bag from Tom Bihn for review (along with a couple of accessories).  Even though I've just taken it out of the box, I think I already heart this bag!  Function + Stylish + A Goes With Everything Color + Versatile + Made in the USA = a winner!  Stay tuned for my official review and in the meantime, you can revisit my Swift and Little Swift reviews.


I'll leave you on this rainy Friday with a couple of shots of Booth all pooped out in his forever home (they decided against changing his name to Phil as originally planned... my little Boo man is still Booth!).  His Mom has been sending me updates and it sounds like she's been working hard at tiring out both Boo and his sister with lots of walks.  I'm happy to report he's doing wonderfully in his forever home.  Our house sure has been very quiet this week and we certainly miss the little man... but I'm hoping we can get a visit/play date in on Sunday!

Booth_8512 Booth_8812


Sue said...

Oh look at all that pretty yarn. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who finds wips that I don't remember starting. I have even found completed items that I don't remember stitching. Do you think the dogs are doing them while I'm asleep?

WonderWhyGal said...

haha, I didn't hear you say those words ;-)

I wish we had more hours in the day to use the yarn we love.

Grace said...

Tom and i are seriously contemplating moving in the next two month, IF that happens I wonder what my stash will reveal!!!

love your new JP bag!

Marjie said...

I'm glad Booth is settling in fine; I know you worried about his separation anxiety. As for the yarn, it's already there and it makes you happy. As for UFOs, well, I try to never start one project before its predecessor is finished. That said, I do confess to having a long sleeved dress cut out but not finished. It's not my fault. It was that pink brocade where the body of the dress didn't fit me, so I finished it with short sleeves for my daughter, and cut out a new body for the long sleeves and then it got warm and....well, you know how that goes.

Happy Monday! And Not Too Much Yarn! Too Much Happiness!

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

Wow, that is a lot of yarn. That bag looks nice.

gypsyknits said...

LOL...on the remark about a tree falling in the forest vs too much yarn. Too funny. But doesn't it feel good to have some kind of organization? Almost makes you wanna cast on for more WIP ;)

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