Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

Happy Fiber Arts Friday / Labor Day Weekend!  Although the calendar claims fall doesn't begin until September 22nd, I beg to differ.  Sure, it's 90 degrees here today, but my beloved 70's are coming this weekend and I can't wait!  The weekend also kicks off the great New England autumn fair season.  I did a little kick-off of my own today with a trip to one of my favorite local orchards.

I love #fall ! #pumpkin #pumpkins #happy #autumn #newhampshire #farmstand My haul from Apple Acres today = one #happy girl!  #honeycrisp #apples #peaches #ciderdonuts #unpasteurized #cider #honey

My haul consisted of a dozen cider donuts, a big bottle of local honey, some juicy peaches, 1/2 peck of my most favorite honeycrisp apples and a half gallon of the first batch of unpasteurized cider of the season!  Yum-O!  I resisted the freshly baked pies that smelled absolutely a-mazing!  I also resisted bringing home a pumpkin, but did take pics to share.


I just adore the beauty of a pile of pumpkins... they make me smile! Speaking of beautiful things, have you all been enjoying the big, bright moon this week as much as we have?  I hadn't even realized it was special until all the Blue Moon posts on Facebook today.  Apparently, tonight's full moon is indeed a Blue Moon.  I hope it's clear enough to enjoy and maybe get some cool shots.  I snapped this one on my cell phone Wednesday night.

What a beautiful #moon tonight! #sky #nofilter #newhampshire #summertime #night #summer

Last weekend we had beautiful almost-fall-like weather and I spent Sunday morning on the deck with the dogs while Matt worked on the race car.  Instead of working on one of my 101 WIP's, I decided to cast on The Amelia Scarf.  I had to cast on a new project all in the name of a review for the blog, so I didn't feel guilty about it (stay tuned for my official Debbie Bliss Winter Garden review next week).

Sitting on the #deck with the #dogs #knitting while he works on the #racecar today. Happy #sunday ... #yarn #knit #debbiebliss #scarf #sunflower #summer #fall

I'm loving this simple one row scarf and boy does it knit up fast (note to self: this might be one to use for Christmas gifts)!  I'll update with a new photo next week, as I plan to be knitting on it a bunch this weekend.  Who knows, maybe I'll even have a finished object!?!? 

I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend.  We're at the race track tomorrow and have some great day trips planned for Sunday & Monday.   Now, it's off to hang my "Welcome Fall" sign on the front door... (doggy friends who only stop by on FAF, be sure to scroll back for the two giveaways I have going on this week)  


Unknown said...

Have a great Saturday and a wonderful labour day weekend. We loved the pumpkins.
Best wishes Molly

WonderWhyGal said...

I can't believe that Labor Day is here. Our orchards are already selling apples because the season came so quickly. Darn drought. We watched the moon last night. It was gorgeous but not Blue.

jen said...

Pumkins! yay! I am so ready for fall! I've already been checking out the mums! I can't wit to get all decorated!

AllyB said...

Your photos are amazing! Fall is my favorite time of year. I'm looking forward to wearing socks again. Have a great Labor Day weekend! Smooches to the pooches.

Marjie said...

It's better to think of them as WIPs than UFOs. I might have to retrain my poor overtaxed brain. Hope you and Matt are both having fun at what you enjoy this weekend.

I think I'll send my boys to check on our apple trees this weekend. Maybe it's pie time.

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