Friday, September 09, 2016

Head Back to School with #PoochPerks

With September upon us, it's all about heading back to school. We even shared some tips on keeping your pooch from becoming bored, while being the most well behaved pup on the block! Check them out and share with your friends.

One thing that always provides relief from boredom is a goody box full of new toys and tasty treats - just ask the Lapdogs!

two rescue dogs with pooch perks box 

Disclosure: Pooch Perks sent a September box to Lapdog Creations, free of charge, for review purposes. We only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers, and all opinions expressed are our own. If you click on my affiliate link and subscribe, I may receive a small commission which does not affect your costs at all.

When it comes to goody boxes, the Lapdogs really get their tails wagging for one in particular, Pooch Perks.

Their Mama really loves Pooch Perks too. Not only are their boxes jam-packed with delicious treats (USA made) and awesome toys, but their themes are always so creative.

September's box features all of the essentials you need to head Back to School, including healthy snacks, sporty toys, grooming wipes, and even a little tool to help your pup be yearbook-picture ready!

rescued senior coonhound mix dog

Here's what we found inside our box:
  • Treat Simple Trail Mix
    • designed to keep your pup energized on the go, this mix features their Blueberry Kale large and small bones, slices of dried apple, and dried banana chips
  • Exclusively Dog Jerkeez Pizza Flavor Chewy Treats
    • your dog can enjoy pizza with you while watching the football game!
  • PetLou Dinosaur
    • Sophie doesn't know what Paleontology is, but she loves her squeaky little buddy - Mama loves that he's double-stitched for durability!
  • FIU Grooming Wipes
    • this handy on-the-go pack of antibacterial wipes comes from Pooch Perks' fur-mom's favorite school - and hey look, they share the same colors!
  • Pet Qwerks Newspaper
    • because every pooch needs to keep up on current events while zipping around the house squeak-squeak-squeaking
  • Kong Sport Balls
    • these rubber balls are extra-thick and built to stand up to tough fetchers like Penny
  • Roofles from Redbarn
    • everyone knows you should never skip breakfast, especially when it's a sweet, natural maple-flavored waffle-like treat - Teutul was extra excited as this is an old favorite of his
  • Smokehouse Prime Beef Tendon Slice
    • high in protein, low in fat, and made from 100% beef tendon
  • Squeak-n-Snap
    • this adorable squeaky bear plugs into your phone's headphone jack and connects to your camera - squeak it's belly to get your pup's attention and your phone will snap a yearbook-worthy pic
senior hound mix dog with purple dinosaur toy

Each month I think to myself, "how will Pooch Perks top this?" and each month they continue to impress.  Unlike other subscription boxes we've received that contain a few great things, and a lot of what I call "filler," Pooch Perks is packed full of amazing stuff! 

senior hound mix dog with toy

Key Benefits of Pooch Perks
  • Creative, fun monthly themes
  • All treats are made in the USA
  • 3 different package/price options available
  • Quick turn-around time on your first box
  • All toys are held to rigorous standards, ensuring safety & quality
adorable doberman mix puppy

Pooch Perks is at the head of the class when it comes to subscription boxes and we give them our official All Paws Up -- way, way up!

Now, it's time for the humans to do their homework. Don't worry, there is just one assignment and it won't take long...

Sign Your Pooch Up Today
  1. Choose your Size
    • Small: less than 35lbs
    • Medium - Large: 35lbs or bigger
  2. Choose your Package (shipping is free) - SAVE 10% off with code LAPDOG
    • Pennywise Pooch $20/mo
      • 2-3 items, approx. retail value $25
    • Popular Pooch $29/mo
      • 4 items, approx. retail value $35
    • Pampered Pooch $50/mo - this the box in our review
      • 6 items, approx. retail value $60 - September's box had 9 items!
  3. Check Out
    • You won't have to wait long for Pooch Perks to arrive! Order by noon EST on Sunday, and your pup's box will ship out on the following Tuesday.
    • Please note that your order will be set to auto-renew, so if you want to skip a month or cancel, you will need to notify them. 
While Pooch Perks does not offer a multi-month price break, you can SAVE 10% off at any time with coupon code LAPDOG *** OR *** for a limited time, you can save 16% off when you click on the affiliate links in this post and use code CLASSOF2016!


Robbi Hess said...

Love the photos and the ideas for great treats!

Three Chatty Cats said...

Pooch Perks sounds like a great subscription box! I like that you can select the size of your dog too!

Tenacious Little Terrier said...

The Squeak-n-Snap looks like fun. Have you tried it out?

Lapdog Creations said...

I first I couldn't get it to take the picture, but then realized I wasn't squeezing it in the right spot. It's cute, but Tut isn't a fan (yet).

FiveSibesMom said...

Looks like a great subscription! And totally a great way to welcome in the back-to-school season! Definitely some perks for the pooches! ;-)

Pawesome Cats said...

Looks like a worthwhile subscription box - the purple dinosaur looks like its a huge hit too!

LaylasWoof said...

I love the idea of he squeak - n - snap toy - think I should put it on my wish list

Unknown said...

Wow what a Pawsome subscription box. It is definitely going to get a lot of tails wagging

Unknown said...

There are so many subscription boxes out there, it's hard to know what to buy. This one is a better price than most and it's good to see actual items and not just sample sizes.

Anonymous said...

I'm crazy about subscription boxes!! My dogs love them!! And wow, those are some awesome products! It's always nice to try new stuff :D

The Daily Pip said...

Love that it is customizable by size and price. There are so many subscription boxes out there - glad to know this one comes so highly recommended.

Unknown said...

Oooo what a good package! So many goodies for back to school time!

Marjie said...

The purple dino is cute with Sophie. Bebop is here for a long weekend before Cass starts her new job. He demolishes toys, but he does love tennis balls with squeakers in them. I'm glad you keep the Lapdogs well spoiled.

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

Perfect back to school supplies for any pooch! My Husky loves those Kong balls, they are great!
Love & biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

Beth said...

My dogs need a little pick me up since the kids have gone back to school. This is one of the boxes we are thinking about trying. I would prefer a box that has all the toys made in the US since they put everything in their mouths!

Dash Kitten Crew said...

We love these boxes! Competition for custom is so fierce that the quality has to be top notch, like this, for a dog owner to want to buy.

I like the range of things in the box AND that you can choose the dog size. The box will have things you can use and enjoy - and - 'Made in the USA' that's the clincher. No made in China cheap rubbish but quality stuff.

Raising Your Pets Naturally with Tonya Wilhelm said...

What a stash of goodies! I would go back to school if I got such a prized package.

FidoseofReality said...

I showed Dexter that Kong ball in the box and now he must have it. I love a fun unboxing, and there are adorable items in this one!

Sweet Purrfections said...

New toys are a great idea when there are changes in our pets' lives.

Robin said...

This box comes with a lot of great stuff! It is fun and practical. I love that it comes with not only treats and toys, but pet wipes. We have found that pet wipes are a life saver with my kitties. It seems like a boring prize, but when there are poopy feet in the house, wipes are great to have around.

-Purrs from your friends at

Unknown said...

Look at all the fun stuff they stuff in that box!!!

Lola The Rescued Cat said...

That is some really cool stuff! We love your photos.

WherePetsAreFound said...

Subs boxes are such a great idea, especially as many of the items are purchased every month anyway ... it saves us time! I'm impressed to see Pooch Perks have three levels as well, caters for different needs & budgets.

Unknown said...

Oh what a great box!!

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