Friday, October 14, 2016

Are You Ready for the #PAW5EnrichedLifeChallenge

Have you heard? PAW5™ is launching a 5-day, one-of-a-kind enrichment program dubbed the #PAW5EnrichedLifeChallenge.

PAW5 is challenging pet parents to provide 5 days of ideal enrichment to engage their dog's mind and body in healthy and rewarding activities designed to keep them mentally sharp and physically fit - and it all starts on Monday, October 17th!

dog playing with food bowl

Why is enrichment important for dogs?

Enrichment provides mental and physical stimulation for dogs by way of puzzles, training, games, and socialization - all built to tap into their natural canine instincts and behaviors.

6 Categories of Enrichment
  1. Sensory - stimulate your dog's sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch
  2. Feeding - put those hunting & foraging skills to use and make mealtime a fun challenge
  3. Toys & Puzzles - whether you're playing fetch or with a puzzle that dispenses treats, encourage them to play, play, play!
  4. Environmental - add something new to your dog's environment to peak curiosity, such as a ramp in the backyard or going for a hike
  5. Social - interaction with other dogs and people builds trust and self confidence
  6. Training - training is an incredible way to bond with your dog, build trust and teach listening skills
Earlier this year, the Lapdogs reviewed the PAW5 Rock 'n Bowl and we all learned how to make mealtime fun!

dogs playing with food bowl

We just received PAW5's brand new Wooly Snuffle Mat, which encourages natural foraging skills. The Lapdogs aren't quite sure what to make of it just yet, and probably think it's a new Halloween costume, but stay tuned as we test it out and bring you our review!

three rescued dogs acting silly doberman hound coonhound
How To Participate

PAW5 wants dog parents to work this into their schedules with ease, and thus have created daily enrichment "recipes." Each day's recipe card gives suggestions for different categories of enrichment throughout the day.

You can read more about the PAW5 Enriched Life Challenge here, then follow PAW5 on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using the hashtag #PAW5EnrichedLifeChallenge

Remember, the challenge begins on Monday, October 17th - here is the first recipe card to get you started!

PAW5 Enriched Life Challenge
We hope you'll join us and PAW5 in the challenge. Let us know your fun plans by leaving a comment below!


Marjie said...

The Wooly Snuffle Mat looks a lot like those rock star halloween wigs. So I understand why the Lapdogs might be confused!

Jeff had to buy one of those spiky bowls for Tank because he ate too fast, then threw up all over the place. It is funny to watch a dog trying to figure out how to eat around the spikes. And Tank's favorite place in the whole world is right here, where we can close the gates and just let him RUN over 10 acres, chasing deer and bunnies and imaginary things to his heart's content!

Groovy Goldendoodles said...

Sounds like fun!

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

Enrichment is so important for our pets, it's extremely important for shelter pets too. It helps them stay healthy, socialized, and most importantly Adoptable! This looks like a really fun challenge for any dog! Thanks for sharing.
Love & Biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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