Tuesday, March 11, 2008

High Strung & Overpowering?

Part because I'm kind of bored today and part in honor of the upcoming sign ups for the Spring Fling Coffee Swap...

You Are an Espresso
At your best, you are: straight shooting, ambitious, and energetic

At your worst, you are: anxious and high strung

You drink coffee when: anytime you're not sleeping

Your caffeine addiction level: high
And another one just for fun...

You Are a Lemon
You have a very distinct personality. And if you're not being sweet, you're a little hard to take.
You're a bit overpowering, especially in one on one situations.

And while you are very dominant, sometimes your power is needed and appreciated.
You can liven up a dull situation, and you definitely bring a fresh outlook.

You are a bit of an acquired taste, and you tend to grow on people over time.
People feel refreshed and rejuvenated after spending time with you.

1 comment:

Mindy said...

Quiz junkie that I am, I had to take these two quizzes. I now know that I am "black coffee" and an "apple." Although, I never drink black coffee, I usually opt for a mocha or vanilla variety of coffee drink. Apples are good for munching.

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