Friday, June 22, 2012

Passing Through

Happy Friday... would you please excuse me as I pass through today?  This is our third day of my personal hell well over 90 degree temps, which means we're officially having a heat wave... or so I'm told by the newscasters.  I. Do. Not. Do. This. Insane. Heat.  Not one bit... ugh.  The Lapdogs don't do it either.  You know it's too hot when they don't even want to hang out on the back porch (can't blame 'em, I burned my feet just running out there to get something). 

So we're being lazy sitting inside, huddled in front of fans.  We don't have the ACs in the window and have been suffering through, since those same newscasters promise me I'm going to love the weather next week (70's... woot!).  I've made coffee for iced coffee and have a batch of sun tea brewing on the deck with some of the awesome pineapple sage from my container garden.  That plant is growing like a weed - and smells amazing! - so if you're local and need a clipping, let me know!  I kept reading it makes great tea, so hopefully this turns out tasty. It's already a gazillion times darker than when I took this picture.

Untitled Untitled

We had a little visitor today... anyone know what this cute little green guy is?

Untitled Untitled

I tried to look him up on line and came to the conclusion that's he probably either a June beetle or a stink bug.  I would prefer the first option, but a few people seem to think he's stinky.  I've never had to deal with stink bugs before... please, no.

I don't have much for Fiber Arts Friday today.  We're now traveling to races twice a week and my knitting travels right along with me each and every time, but hasn't seen much action lately.  I need to change that... I have a baby blanket that needs to be finished before the little one arrives in a couple of weeks! 

Speaking of racing, it was a rough night at the track last night.  I was a little upset when Matt and another car got together, checking up to avoid a couple of cars spinning in front the them.  We broke another oil cooler (on to #3 this season... I joked we should look into getting a case discount, then realized that's not very funny) and tore up the front bumper and grill.  Not too long after that, there was a major pile up on the white flag lap which took out half the field and resulted in thousands of dollars worth of damage.  At least 2 are totaled, 3 or 4 will need new front clips and we're not sure about the others who wouldn't know the extent of their damage until they started repairs.  If Matt was still in the race, there's a better than good chance he would've gotten caught up in that and we wouldn't be able to make minor repairs and be at the track this weekend.  These pics were pre-race... lined up to go racing and me loving have power in the pits on hot, sticky nights!

Untitled Untitled

In happier news, the Lapdogs have lots of great new things to share with you.  Stay tuned for some more tail wagging reviews next week.  Did you catch this week's reviews of Pampered Paws Birthday Cakes and Planet Dog Waterless 2-in-1 Shampoo?  I'll leave you with a few outtakes from our photo shoots... enjoy your weekend!

PlanetDog_Zeus_62012b Cake_Zeus_612c

PlanetDog_Tut_62012b Cake_Lola_612d

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