Friday, November 09, 2012

Craftalong for Sandy Relief

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!  Is anyone else participating in the Craftalong for Sandy Relief?  Perhaps you haven't read about it yet?  You can click that link to read about it on Vickie Howell's blog or check out their Facebook page here.  The whole idea is to warm up victims with handknit, crochet or sewn items like hats, mittens, scarves, socks and blankets... but everything needs to be sent asap, for obvious reasons.

Vickie's blog has links to a few very quick patterns if you need ideas.  I dug through my stash and cast on a chunky knit hat...

#knitting a hat for #sandycraftalong #knit #charity #Sandy

It works up quite fast and I got a good chunk (no pun intended) of it done last night while watching Person of Interest.  My goal is to finish it and hopefully one more this weekend, then package them up with these two hats and ship them to NYC on Monday.


We all know crafters are among the most giving bunch of folks out there, however I do realize this is a "hurry up and create" project.  Fortunately, I already had those two colorful hats knit up.  If you can help, please do!

Yesterday our buddy Jet tagged us in a "Share Seven Things About Yourself" meme, so here we go...

  1. Sophie is the youngest of the Lapdogs and will be turning 6 on December 6
  2. Zeus is the senior member of the pack and also the largest, at 118 pounds.
  3. Lola really should have been a Mom.  She has natural instincts and truly mothers all of the foster pups who come through our house.
  4. Teutul still thinks he's the baby, and is the most vocally annoying of the pack.
  5. The Lapdogs think I love peanut butter even more than they do... and they're probably right.
  6. The Lapdogs have their Daddy wrapped around their paws, even if he doesn't quite admit that.
  7. We received a special surprise from the folks at Purina as a thank you for being at the top of the leader board in their Family Points social media program.  Perhaps you caught it in our Wordless Wednesday post this week?  We think it's pretty cool and unique... and yes, it is just a one-time deal and it's full of stuffing, not kibble! ;) 
We're supposed to tag 7 people to follow along, but instead we will just invite everyone reading to go ahead and post your Seven Things on your own blog!  We also wanted to point out the Kmart Gift Card giveaway we currently have going on, in case you don't stop by every day.  Go ahead and enter... who can't use a gift card just in time for the holidays?  Enjoy the rest of your Friday and have a wonderful weekend! 


Marjie said...

It's nice that you can send along those nice hats. Our yard is finally all cleaned up, the broken tree down, and we're chasing the standby generator really hard.

An 8th grade boy here somehow organized a drive to collect coats, hats, blankets and canned food, and ended up with 3 big U-haul trucks full of things. It was amazing.

Missy@dawsondogs said...

Wonderful idea to help others of Sandy.

Unknown said...

BOL the lapdogs have Daddy wrapped around their paws. We can well believe it. Of course he doesn't think so. Methinks it is the same in most households. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

Anonymous said...

Hey LC, Jet here. Hi Miss Nichole.

Guess what? Mom has some handmade scarves lying about... she will pack a few up and send, thanks to you. :)

Congrats on your award, we loved reading your 7 things...

Have a great evening. :)

jen said...

I think it's so awesome that you are doing this! Love the purple knit hat!

WonderWhyGal said...

Those hats will be appreciated especially with the cold weather now here. I will have to check out the Rav Relief effort.

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