Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Lapdogs Love Casey Jones

Happy Tasty Tuesday!  The Lapdogs wanted to bark all about one of their most favorite treats today, Casey Jones Bones.

The #8 #uslegends team will be sampling #CaseyJonesBones Wheat Free #peanutbutter #banana #dogtreats at #NHMS tomorrow! Bring the #dogs by!

Long time readers probably recall us talking about Casey Jones Bones over the years.  Our first introduction was when we reviewed them four years ago, and the tasty bones quickly became one of the Lapdogs' most favorite!


Made in Southern New Hampshire (so close, that I swear we can smell 'em baking), Casey Jones Bones are all natural, with no preservatives or additives.  The come in both regular and wheat-free versions, making them a good option for just about every dog we know.  As a consumer, I not only love that they are local to me, I also love that they use other locally sourced ingredients.  The apples are from an orchard I frequent, and the maple syrup is made not too far from us as well.  A small company supporting other small companies is always a win-win in my book!

The Lapdogs all drool for Casey Jones Bones, but one of them may have actually become quite spoiled.... ah-hum.  Miss Sophie has actually turned her nose to other brands as of recent!  I guess that proves Casey Jones Bones really are a staple in our house, huh?

Last year, the great folks behind Casey Jones Bones signed on to sponsor the Lapdogs' Daddy's race car - and we couldn't be more proud to promote such a wonderful company and amazing product!  It's been an amazing partnership.  Not only do they make sure we are always well stocked with free samples for all of our events, they also promote our races on their Facebook page (give 'em a like... and tell Casey we sent you)!  

The @caseyjonesbones #8 at #nhms today #racecar #raceday #uslegends #racing 

Come by the #8 #NELCAR pit at @beechridge today and get some free @caseyjonesbones #dogtreats samples! #raceday #racing #maine #MadeinNH

We were already known as huge dog lovers at the track (after all, we often had foster dogs with us), but now we've become known as "the dog treat people" and often have a line in our pit.  One of my favorite moments was last year at an autograph night when a lady said she'd love to take a sample for her dog, however he was allergic to wheat.  I said "NO problem.. let me find you a few of the wheat-free samples to try."  She couldn't believe we actually had wheat-free samples and happily took them home.  A month later, at another meet & greet event, she came up to me and told me how much her dog loved the treats and how happy she was to find Casey Jones Bones!  


We're often caught "cheating" on the Lapdogs at the race track, but I don't think they mind... after all, their home is more than well stocked with boxes of Casey Jones Bones! 

CJBfan_6813b Belle_6813

Tucker and Briggs waiting for their @caseyjonesbones Stop by the #8 #NELCAR pit and get your free samples! #NHMS #uslegends #dogstagram #dogtreats

Belle sitting pretty for her #CaseyJonesBones pumpkin treat! One of our former #foster #dogs at the #racetrack today! #dogtreats #adoptdontshop

For those of you looking for a wonderful, Made in the USA, all natural treat, I hope you'll check out Casey Jones Bones!  If you're not in the New England or New York area (where distribution is expanding this summer), you can order direct or contact me.  We now have full size boxes available for sale at all of our races  as well - which has proved to be quite convenient for our fellow race teams and fans who can't get enough of Casey Jones Bones!

Oh, and did I mention Casey Jones is quite a handsome fella too?

The one and only @caseyjonesbones (along with his awesome humans) just dropped off lots of #dogtreat samples... That means its #raceseason Stop by the #8 #NELCAR pit at #LeeSpeedway this weekend! #dogstagram #instadog


Sheltie Times said...

I will have to track these down and support a New England business.

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

This is a new brand for us. Will check it out. LOVe the box. Happy Tasty Tuesday. Golden Woofs

Flea said...

Good treats make for happy dogs. So happy for you all!

SissySees said...

We are Casey Jones fans too!

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