Thursday, June 19, 2014

Real Weight Loss Results: Chuy's Journey #HillsPets

Food_is_love_1Since March, we have been sharing information about weight loss for dogs and how Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution can help.  This food is designed to activate your dog's metabolism to regulate appetite and burn fat.  But, the question I'm sure many of you have been asking, does it really work?

Thanks to Chuy and his Mom Aimee from Irresistible Pets, I'm pleased to show you real results - in the real world!  They have also been a part of this campaign for the past four months.


Chuy, an absolutely adorable chihuahua, if I do say so myself, is 4 years young.  He loves the outdoors - whether running or playing fetch in his yard, going for walks, or being a beach bum.  In fact, his Mom says the beach is his favorite place.

Initial Visit 11.8lb

Aimee first came to the realization that her baby boy was overweight back in December.  At the vet for a check-up, little Chuy weighed in at 12.6 pounds.  To the Mom of 4 large breed dogs, this sounds incredibly small, but the fact is Chuy should tip the scale between 9 - 10 pounds.  And while a few pounds doesn't sound like a lot, when you're dealing with toy breeds, every ounce matters.

While Chuy has a lot of energy and loves to be outside, walks sometimes do get skipped.  The weather gets too cold or too hot, the humans get too busy, things happen... it's a fact of life that all doggy parents face.  Aimee says that even at a higher weight, little Chuy was always ready to get out and explore.  However, she realized that losing a few pounds would not only enhance Chuy's quality of life now, it would also play a part in his longevity as well.  

Chuy began his weight loss journey with Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution earlier this year.  This was the first food they tried specifically for weight loss, and the switch was a breeze!  In fact, Chuy's Mom reports, "Chuy actually loves his new food and eats every single kibble in one sitting.  Previously, he would pick at his old food and never seemed interested in it."

Started More Walks
Additionally, Chuy and his Mom started going for more walks... which the little boy really loves!  Although he has some unrelated back issues that cause him to take a break every now and then, they enjoy walking as much as possible.

Chuy began his journey at 12.6 pounds and is now down to about 10 pounds -- which means he's lost over 10% of his body weight!  Aimee said, "We can definitely notice a change in his figure and energy levels.  The area around his neck has slimmed down tremendously as you can see in the picture below, and he's getting his waistline back!"


Here's a before and during photo comparison.  Doesn't Chuy look fabulous?  I'd say the beach bum is definitely getting his beach body back!


I am so happy to have been a part of this campaign with Hill's Pets and Blog Paws for the past four months.  Not only have I learned a lot myself, I love being able to share important information about overweight dogs with all of you.  If our posts have shed light for even just one dog out there, my work is done!  

Have you been following along with all of my posts during this campaign?  I'd love to hear your real life stories and hope that you will share them below in the comments.  Hill's would also love to hear your stories over on their Facebook page.  Like any great weight loss solution - human or canine - seeing is believing, so please share!  Even if your dog (or cat!) is just beginning his/her weight loss journey, share it with us.

*A special thank you to Aimee for all of the images of Chuy during his weight loss journey.

This post is sponsored by Hill’s and the Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Food, but Lapdog Creations only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.


Lorie Huston said...

Great job, Aimee and Chuy. Chuy looks so much better now, though he was adorable even as an overweight pup. Thank you for sharing Chuy's story.

ruckustheeskie said...

WOW greater than 10% of body weight. That's impressive! Good job.

Thanks for sharing on Thoughtless Thursday blog hop :)

Sue said...

Congrats to Chuy and his peeps. Weight control is important.

Unknown said...

That is so amazing!! Thank you for sharing about Chuey. I read about him on a different blog recently as well. Congrats!!!!
Thanks for linking up with us!
ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

Alfred Smithson said...

Congrats to Chuey. The cute little dog is starting into a helthier life now.

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