Tuesday, March 24, 2009

REVIEW: NuHemp Dog Treats & Products

NuHemp: Nourishing Pets Inside & Out
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The Lapdog Creations 4-legged reviewers were thrilled with the items they received from NuHemp and have been working hard on their review. The human reviewer was excited to learn more about this hot trend in the pet industry, as well as NuHemp's healthy living philosophy.

Taken from NuHemp's press kit: The NuHemp brand was established in 2005 by KicX Nutritions, a Canadian company that develops and markets natural, good-for-you health and wellness products for humans and animals. The unique NuHemp line of products utilizes the versatile hemp plant as its common foundation - making the company very eco-friendly in today's ever-growing "green" world. Each part of the hemp plant is utilized during the manufacturing of NuHemp products and the truly renewable resource offers significant nutritional and therapeutic benefits, promoting a healthy & active lifestyle for our animal companions.


The most popular item, according to my 4 star reviewers, is paws-down the brand new Fetch'erz Balls, which retail for $6.99. These fun little 1" diameter balls are formulated with hemp, flax and ancient grains (spelt, millet and kamut) for superior nutrition and digestibility - and plenty of great taste! The kids have gone nuts (no pun intended) for the Sweet Peanut Butter Crunch. Did I mention just how fun these treats are? We've had a great time rolling them around and quite literally, playing fetch. In addition to the peanut butter, Fetch'erz Balls are currently available in 3 other varities; Fruit 7 Veggie Medley, Chicken Stew and Fish & Chips.

The 4-legged reviewers also got to try the 2-Chomp Munchies in both Crunchy Peanut Butter Maple and Luscious Liver & Cheese. Although these treats were a little small for my medium to large size pack (they are marked "mini"), they enjoyed them nonetheless. 2-Chomp Munchies retail for $6.99 and come in 3 additional varieties (Hearty Fish with Sweet Potato, Roasted Turkey with Cranberries and Assorted), as well as two Nutraceutical Varities (Skin & Coat and Joint, Hip & Digestive) which retail for $8.99.

Nu Hemp's Omega Sauce is a balanced, dietary supplement food topping in an oil format which comes in four flavors, Peanut Butter Smoothie, Roasted Chicken, Sizzling Bacon and Luscious Liver & Cheese, as well as a non-flavored Joint, Hip & Digestive formula. My kids tried the Peanut Butter Smoothie and gobbled it right up with their kibble, so I'm guessing it must be pretty tasty! Although we haven't tried it yet, the Joint, Hip & Digestive formula is on hand for Zeus who is a large breed, 8 year old boy with joint issues (he's had a TPLO surgery) and I'm always looking for supplements to meet his needs. Omega Sauce retails for $7.99 for the flavors and $8.99 for the Joint, Hip & Digestive formula.

NuHemp also makes several grooming and topical therapy items. We tested the PAWZitive Therapy over the winter months in our house and give it 2 paws up! PAWZitive Therapy, which retails for $9.99, is a deep conditioning and protection balm that comes in a deodorant-like stick that is easy to apply to paw pads, as well as noses and other tender areas. Made with cold-pressed hemp seed oil, which has numerous benefits to the skin, it works great to moisturize and sooth dry skin, as well as to provide a protective barrier for paw pads against ice, salt and sand. I've tried it on all of our kids' paws, as well as a nose or two. An excellent product to have on hand, I recommend that all cold-climate doggy households get one. Teutul, who has some dry skin issues, has gotten the most use and as you can see below, he was the most eager to check it out...


OK, so maybe he was more eager about checking out the treats, but still... he recognizes the soothing benefits of NuHemp! Please stay tuned for a "part 2" to our NuHemp review in the coming months as we still have a few bath products to test and its almost time for spring baths! We will be trying out the Omega Therapy 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo with Oatmeal and the Omega Therapy Tree-Tar Shampoo with Oatmeal. I appologize to the pr people in advance, but I truly hope that we do not have the opportunity to try the Omega Therapy Skunk Odor Shampoo (which I think may have been relabeled to what is now Strong Odor Eliminating Shampoo) any time soon!

NuHemp is not just for dogs either! Check out their website for information on Bio-Nesting Small Animal Bedding and Meadow Munchies all natural horse treats. Humans aren't left out either, as there are many products on the horizon for three new human lines; Hip Hair, Hip Body and Hip Lips. I will happily be testing the Hip Lips Zen lip balm and hope to try some of their other products soon!


Sue said...

These sound very interesting. I hadn't heard of them before, but I bet Morgan would like the bacon flavored topping on her dinner.

SissySees said...

Neat! Of course, we're living in the land of "hey, it's working!" so there will be no food or treat changes in our household right now. Where was this stuff last fall when Gretchen was having all her skin issues?! ;)

Dawn said...

Very cool review! Happy DOT!

Anonymous said...

Our dogs love the hemp peanut butter balls. They have become their favorite treats.

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