Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ballsy When Comfy...

Whew... what a great long weekend, too bad it got cut short by having to go back to work today! I hope everyone had a nice one. I managed some knitting, laundry, getting 4 dogs bathed & smelling fresh, eating a "at least 2 pound" lobster, visiting the fair (and lots of beautiful animals), taking lots of pictures and enjoying the weather!

A Christmas gift was cast on... is it for you?


My Trekking to Charlotte socks are close to being finished... just in time for fall!


I even have a finished object - two actually - to show you! I finished them a week ago but finally got a chance to take pics and will have to mail them off tomorrow...


I started with the Baby Sprout hat, but wanted to make something else to complete this new baby gift and found the Toes-ty pattern and couldn't resist! I adore these little socks and will definitely make more. I just hope they fit the intended recipient for fall. When I took the set outside to photograph, I stumbled upon a stealthy hound dog great little model...

Sophie_hat_9409 Sophie_hat_9409b

Just what was keeping Sophie standing soooooo still that I was able to pull that off? See for yourself...

Sophie_cat_9409 Sophie_cat_9409b

"Sophie, what are you staring at??"

Sophie_cat_9409e Sophie_cat_9409d

Yes Sophie... that's a kitty. cat.!

Sophie_cat_9409f Sophie_cat_9409g

Of course, Sophie "protected" Mommy from the cute little kitty by barking and carrying on when I went to investigate and he came up to me purring away, looking for scratchies... the "ballsy when comfy" (thanks Chan - it truly is fitting!) Princess promptly scared him away. I'm still not sure what she'd actually do if a kitty stuck around... play with it or try to attack it??

In swap news (something you haven't heard much of lately here, since I've been staying away from them), I received my wonderful package of goodies from Sandy in the Stash Sock Club swap over on Ravelry (yes all my project links above are Ravelry links too... but if you're a knitter or crocheter and you're not on there yet, you really can't complain!).


My favorite part is definitely the project bag that she made (and embroidered her logo into the bottom) especially for me! The yarn is a merino and cashmere blend, hand dyed... in great fall colors...

SockSwapPackage_909b SockSwapYarn

I really love this bag and she even included a snap "buckle" on the inside to run the yarn through. Thanks Sandy!

Ok, that's enough for today... enjoy the rest of your Monday Tuesday...


SissySees said...

I happen to know the scarf isn't for me, but I LOVE the color!!

Sophie, you're a doll. It's been my pleasure to watch you settle in and become a warrior princess!

Sue said...

Well, you've been a busy girl. The little hat and socks are adorable. Sophie wouldn't model the socks?

Any cat with a brain stays away from our yard, though there is a stray that likes to sleep on the porch furniture sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Love the little baby set. and the swap box from Sandy - she did great. I want to see the snap buckle in action. That scarf looks great - is it for me? g

Anita said...

Love the scarf, pretty.

Poor Sophie, Mom using you as a model while you are trying to stalk kittys. LOL
The hat does look cute on her though. :)

Dianne said...

LOVE that project bag!

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