Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Curious Grasshopper

Happy Worldess Wednesday! I went by cemetery this past Sunday to refresh the silk flowers in the basket on Nana's headstone. I went with a pretty fall theme that should carry thru until winter...

HeadstoneFlowers_91309 HeadstoneFlowers_91309b

Now I'm not one of those crazies who thinks all of my relatives who've passed are haunting me or anything, but I have to share a little tale of this overly curious interesting grasshopper.


What's so interesting about a grasshopper sitting on this little light thingy-ma-bob that's on Nana's headstone? It watched my every move the entire time I was there. Seriously... if I was in front of the stone, it faced that way. I'd walk to the back of the stone and it would turn around and watch. It was a little creepy at first. I even touched it a few times and it just sat and watched. Now what grasshopper doesn't jump when you get within a foot of it, let alone touch it? Apparently, this one.

Grasshoper_91309b Grasshoper_91309c

So call me crazy if you will (crazy dog lady, that is), but I swear Nana was keeping an eye on things. Apparently she approved ... otherwise she the grasshopper would've jumped on me and really scared the crap out of me, right??

The bees were all out a buzzing too... I managed to snap one decent shot before running away. I DO. NOT. DO. BEES. ... almost much as I do not weed.



SissySees said...

Great photos!! Funny that you posted that the same day I have a post titled "Queue the crickets..."

Bubblesknits said...

Weeeirrd. Sounds like the time a butterfly landed in my son's outstretched hand and wouldn't leave him. He carried it around for a good 15 minutes. :-)

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