Friday, December 28, 2012

Dear 2012.... Suck It!

Happy last Friday of 2012!  I don't know about you, but I can not wait to sayonara to 2012! Adeus, Hasta la vista, Farewell, Despedida, Adios.... Good Riddance 2012!   You've proven to be a rough year and I'm ready for positive changes ahead. 

Of course, this is also the last Fiber Arts Friday of 2012.  I've seen a few people post their awesome 2012 finished object recaps today, but I'm almost embarrassed to even think about listing mine.  Instead, I will just say that I am ready to find some quality time with my needles in 2013!  We have a few special friends who are expecting, so there will be lots of cute baby knits to come.  Stay tuned... and let's knit!

Lola arriving at the vet's this morning
Lola Update: Please scroll back to yesterday's post if you missed it.  I reluctantly dropped her off first thing this morning and only had to sit around having a little worry-freak out waiting until about 11:30.  That's when the vet tech called to let me know my baby girl was out of surgery and awake.  They did 3 more punch biopsies, all in different spots... so we've added to patchwork of shaved spots (shaved hair - a la Miley Cyrus - is in style this year, right?).  I'll be heading down to pick my groggy baby up this afternoon. 

Of course Lola's siblings are all confused once again as to why Mommy took their sister for a R-I-D-E this morning and came home without her.  They looked all around for quite some time this morning, then I said it was time for breakfast and they seemed to forget about their sister for a bit.  Once they were done, it didn't take very long for Tut to become an overly cuddly lapdog however...

My lap right now... Over cuddly Tut wants to know why his sister isn't home.
 Mr. Smiley aka Teutul
Isn't he annoying adorable?  He hopes you all have a wonderful weekend and asks you to join us in telling 2012 to (in the words of the great Kathy Griffin) suck it!


Unknown said...

Oh we hope Lola is now back home and OK. We know it must be a great worry. Take care and 2012 is nearly over. Have a fabulous snuggle up Friday.
Best wishes Molly

Sue said...

Oh boy are we ever ready to tell 2012 to get lost.

Morgan and Sebastian both say the patchwork look is the most in look for the season.
Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties

AllyB said...

I love that last picture! That made me laugh yesterday when I saw it on FB. Hoping all goes well and that we both get busier with the needles next year. Have a Happy New Year celebration and keep safe and warm.

WonderWhyGal said...

Big hugs! I wish you an Awesome 2013!

Life with Wrigs said...

Love the photo of Teutul! What a cutie! Hope the biopsy will give you the results you need to forge ahead with treatment for Lola.

Happy New Year!

Susan and Wrigs

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