Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Knitting or Sox???

So are you going to knitting night tonight or watching the Sox game? Or maybe you're knitting socks? I'll be going to my knitting night at A Knitter's Garden and actually, I do plan to finish off my Bob Marley's Grandmas Cable Footsies!

While baseball has never been the top sport in our house (NASCAR, football & hockey usually come first, however we do love our Red Sox nontheless!), everyone's got Red Sox fever! I stopped in at
Woof It Down last night to pick up Teutul's birthday cake for tomorrow (shh!) and grabbed them these treats too...


They only had 3 Sox cookies left, so we made up for that with a pink "Homer Simpson" donut...

The Lady, Lola wondering if she'll get yelled
at for taking it waiting ever so patiently...
My Gentle Giant, Zeus... look at
the focus in those eyes!

Sophie's loving being in New England!



And the baby and almost birthday boy,
Teutul ended up with the bonus donut

After cookie time, Sophie decided it was
time for a little tug of war playing...

And not too much after that,
it was sleepy-sleep time...

Remember the Yarn Collectors Annonymous blog contest I won??!! I got my Socks That Rock... she let me pick my colorway and I choose the gorgeous Count Clukula! Thank you so much!!! I still can't believe I won!


That's all for today... I'll be back tomorrow with some Halloweeny Doggy goodyness and show you my latest creative project! Go Sox!


Sue J. said...

Wonderful pictures of your pups. Warms my heart and starts my day off in excellent fashion. Thanks so much!

SissySees said...

What good pups! Happy birthday, Tut!!

Love the yarn. Still must get some STR to try, you know, 100 years from now when I work thru my stash...

wildflower38 said...

Cute pics of the puppies! Pretty yarn

Criquette said...

I can't wait to see that yarn knitted up!

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