Friday, October 05, 2007

FO Friday

Finally.... something for FO Friday! I actually finished it over the weekend and mailed it off on Monday to my Knit 1, Tea 2 swap pal, Jen (and since she emailed me today to thank me, I know I'm not spoiling any surprises by posting it today). The Red & White ribbed tea cozy... for which I did not have a tea pot to "model" it, but hopefully you get the idea.


I've been busily knitting away on a gazillion some other small things for the Holiday Shopping Extravaganza at Jenn's in Rockport, MA. I keep seeing that ticker at the top of my blog counting down and I swear someone's messing with me there's a gremlin out there ... could we really be less than 2 months away from a holiday shopping event??!! HELP. ME.

I've also had more start-itis flare ups the past couple weeks. I'll spare you the photos of who-knows-how-many WIP's that aren't photo worthy at this point. I've also been playing on Ravelry ... and trying to get my dreadful, wickedly annoying, damned allergies under control without overdoing the allergy meds too much and then suffering from the suck a$$ side effects. Why is it that in order to control my sneezing & sinus pressure I'm doomed to fall asleep while watching The Biggest Loser be much too tired to knit and have an icky sore throat? WHY? Can't we make medications that don't come with just-as-bad side effects? Is this not 2007?!?!?!

I'll stop complaining, as I know some people are worse off this week. Please pop on over to Chan's blog and send her some good vibes & thoughts for dear Fred. While you're at it, wish Mugsy a Happy Birthday too! It is with great sadness and tears in my eyes, that I amend this post at 6:40 pm, as I've just found out Fred crossed over the Rainbow Bridge earlier today. Please keep him & Chan in your thoughts.

I do have my other "finished object," so to speak, for the week. As you know Miss Lilah (click for a cute pic!) who is now known as Shelby, has gone to her loving forever home on Cape Cod! I finally got a chance to download the photos from her last few days with us, including a fun filled Sunday at the race track.... and, on that note, I'll leave you with a montage of photos and wish everyone a Happy Nichole's Birthday weekend... um, I mean Columbus Day weekend! If anyone is going to The Wool Tour tomorrow, watch out for for Joanne and I! We're hoping to make it to all 5 stops, but you never know how much we could getting gabbing at any one... ha ha!

Maxin' & Relaxin...

Lilah_cuteclose92807 Lilah_leaves_93007

Lola taught her how to sit for cookies...
Zeus taught her how to lounge...

Foster Mom/Aunty thinks she's simply irresistible...


She loves car rides, but gets a little

impatient waiting at the coffee stops!


Then quickly gets back to the good spot

when we start moving again (see the nose?)


She was a great race doggy & thought Stratton (track mascot) was one cool dude!

Lilah_racedog LilahStratton_92907

She obeyed all pit rules, and made sure

to attend the driver's meeting!


We'll miss you Lilah/Shelby, but are so happy to know that your new family plans to keep in touch... woof woof... Lola, Teutul & Zeus

PS... Mom said she'd post our fall photos later this weekend...



Natalie Rush said...

Those are some great pictures of Shelby. :)

Thanks for sharing!!

Hope you feel better. I'm feeling under the weather today too. I'm going to veg..but can't seem to get away from the computer and Ravelry. :) hehehe


Anonymous said...

Hope you get to feeling better. I hope your packages arrive soon.
Happy birthday!!

Sue J. said...

What wonderful pictures of Lola and all your other dear ones. She is adorable, as they all are. I know you will miss her, but it sounds like she's gone to a good home. That counts for so much. Bless you for being such an awesome Foster Mom.

Joanne said...

Hey, The tea cozy came out awesome!! Thank goodness you had enough yarn!! Looking good...J

AllyB said...

Hey Nichole! Every time I see Lola's picture here I think it's my Sam. lol Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better! Maybe a box of goodies will help? :) I'm getting ready to send your FIADS box on Tuesday.

Dianne said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Nichoooooole,
Happy Birthday to you!

Hope you have a great day!

vegasangelbrat said...

So glad to hear Shelby has a new home! Always great news to know our furkids will be loved!
Hope you have a Happy Birthday!!
Great job on the tea cozy, thats really cute!! Great job!

Joan said...

I miss Lilah already. (sniffle)

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