Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wicked Wednesday

Okay... so there really isn't anything wicked about today, but I couldn't think of a better title. Maybe "guess who finally got a chance to download photos?" On that note... a little more catch up.

Thank you so much to Grace for the wonderful birthday surprise box she sent! She really knows how to treat a girl right... I got 2 boxes of yummy tea, a bag of Hershey kisses, a Holiday Wish List note bad (so perfect for leaving hints around!), a cute little trinket box, 3 skeins of Peaches & Cream and 2 skeins of Nashua Wooly Stripes, which I've been wanting to try out! Love it all - thank you Grace for your thoughtfulness!

Grace also helped me to pick out the perfect shawl pattern for my Great Adirondack Sirino yarn.... the
Sun Ray Shawl. I'd never done a provisional cast on before, but was lucky enough to have my knitting queen, the wonderful Joanne, help me out last week at the end of knitting night! I haven't gotten too far along yet, but I'll show you anyway... just don't laugh... well, not too loud anyway!


So far, so good! And guess what? I have a finished object too ... and I'll even show you today and won't make you wait for FO Friday!


Its a simple, basic women's hat made from one of the new Bernat blends, Bernat Alpaca. I saw it at AC Moore and even though its only 30% alpaca (70% acrylic), it is very soft and comes in some pretty shades... at only $3.99 a skein, you really can't beat it! I still have a bit left over from the one skein after making this hat too. This will probably end up being sold at the Holiday Open House at A Knitter's Garden . I bought 3 more skeins of it and will probably do some more (and possibly keep one for myself). They work up fast and the yarn was not at all bad to work with. Side note, I've decided to do AKG open house on Dec 1st & 2nd, instead of Jenn's Holiday Shopping Extravaganza. Joanne extended the invitation to me and I figured it might be a better audience for my products, not to mention its always good to try something new.

Now, I would like you all to meet the very shy, but sweet and beautiful pretty little lady, Sophie!


Sophie has a significant overbite (its as if her bottom jaw never fully developed all the way out as far as it should be), which as you can tell you can't really notice during normal activity... you notice it more when look at her from the "bottom up" - if that makes sense. The overbite hendered her getting adopted as a pup, but does not seem to affect her now... well, except that when she's really nervous, she drools... a lot. She is very shy and is hesitant & afraid until she gets to know / trust you. When we brought her home on Friday, she spent the entire car ride drooling and then sat in one spot in the living room for hours, just sitting, staring and drooling.



(Doesn't she look a bit like a tan/red version of Tut?) She has since come a long way (and the drooling has pretty much stopped!), wagging her tail a lot, playing with our dogs and coming up to us for attention & scratchies. It seems like she will always be a shy, scared doggy around strangers & unfamiliar surroundings (her Southern foster Mom said that even after living with her for 6 months, she would still shy away if there were any really fast or sudden movements)... but she is a very sweet dog! As she gets to know you, she'll really loosen up (and she's not shy/aggressive by any means as some scared dogs are... she's more shy/pathetic, as mentioned the drooling, just so very sweet, meak & mild). She was a "wild pup" for the first 4 months of her life, living on the streets until rescued and brought in. With the right family, the understanding, loving & patient family, Sophie will be a wonderful companion! I also think a home with another dog would be beneficial to her. She really seemed to loosen up by watching them. I'm sure they've been "telling" her how safe & loving our home is and they're certainly teaching her bad habits how to be spoiled and how to romp & wrestle! She really seems to love Zeus... maybe its because he's not as psycho go-go-go as Lola & Tut. Here she is saying "c'mon Zeus... play with me!" and then with Lola, who's showing her how to veg on the couch...



She's already picked out her favorite Snuggle too, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for more pics!


Natalie Rush said...

Awe, what a cutie!! I love doggie pictures!!

I need to knit up some more snuggles for my house too!!

Susan said...

Welcome, Sophie! I can't tell from the photos how significant her overbite is, but we adopted a rescue lab with a pretty serious overbite. I don't remember him drooling excessively (just the normal amount for a lab), but he did have a way of snapping his mouth shut on a biscuit that made me very cautious about letting strangers give him treats. He was gentle and never hurt anyone, but the last thing I wanted was someone accusing a sweet dog of attempting to bite them when he was really just trying to have his treat. I hope that lovely little girl finds herself a great home.

SissySees said...

Hooray! She's darling. I can't wait to see her with her favorite snuggle. Mugsy is fuming; the warm days are encouraging me to finish Anne's bag before I whip out his snuggle.

Sue J. said...

OMG, Sophie is just adorable. If I didn't live a million miles away from you, I'd adopt her in a heartbeat. She and Milo could be shy together. She's one lucky pup to be in your home.
I love the Sireno. What colorway is it? Gorgeous stuff with a lovely pattern.

Kare said...

Sophie's darling. Absolutely darling. I love her name.

I need to learn the provisional cast on too. Joanne is a gem! (I've been wanting to do the bad juju doll over at anticraft)

Love the hat, too. The color is great.
have a great day, Nichole. Thanks for all the pics. THey always put a smile on my face.

Criquette said...

What a little angel! I hope she finds that perfect home really soon - and someplace close so she can still visit with Zeus. That's a gorgeous picture of Lola, btw.

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